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2019-07-18 13:28:45

Cryptocurrency market Coinbase will now send notifications to its users when their major users will sell or buy this or that coin. Representatives from Coinbase reported that they would use their huge user base to provide more information about trading behavior and short-term price correlation. Note that 15 coins are being traded on Coinbase now.

In addition, users of the site will receive more specific information about the actions of large traders, for example, the percentage of buying/selling/remaining of each cryptocurrency. Technically, it will look like this: Coinbase employees will monitor the TOP-10% of traders’ balance (by decrease or increase of certain coins), and based on this, they will generate and update signals every 2 hours.

Unfortunately, this system is not ideal, as in the case of transferring coins, for example, to a hardware wallet, Coinbase will consider that the trader has got rid of the asset, since it will no longer be in the site account. But in any case, it is a good additional trading tool for using.

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